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Tag: 2021

I don’t feel it half as much as you do.

We’re back in a hard lockdown. Don’t get me started on how overdue it is, or how the German government squandered away our gains from the springtime, or how angry I am at the people who still don’t take it seriously nearly a year in. I won’t talk about those things because they’re all things I can’t control.

But I will say that it’s hard. Hard not only because we don’t get to see our friends and live music is on hold and we miss eating out and and and, but also because having two adults who both somehow have to manage working full-time while also having lost their 40 hours of childcare a week and having to cover that themselves is exhausting. It means we have to fill all the roles and be all the things all the time, and when we finally have downtime at the end of the day, we have to choose between filling our own cups or just sleeping. It’s never-ending.

We’ve been mentally preparing for this for months though, planning for the worst-case scenario we hoped wouldn’t come but are not surprised about at all now that it’s here. I plan to share more about our day-to-day at some point, and I’m also hoping to use this space to capture some of the good as well. Life may not be the most exciting right now, but we’re doing our best to make it memorable and to try and enjoy it in spite of everything.

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