Five Months

five months

I am five months old today! I have two teeth, I just moved up to 6-9 month clothing, and I am slowly getting more hair. Mom started going to her Rückbildungskurs and takes me with her, where I get to roll around and hang out with other babies (and I am the biggest in the class). I am getting better at push ups and already want to crawl but I just don’t know how. I’ve started taking an interest in food and paying close attention to my parents when they’re eating. I’m generous with my smiles and giggles, and I am constantly looking every which way, trying to take in everything going on around me. I dressed up as a tiger for my first Halloween and today I saw snow for the first time. Once a week, my Oma comes over and sings German songs to me. I love grabbing my socks/feet and putting them in my mouth, laughing when Mom and Dad play Peekaboo/Guck-Guck with me, getting raspberries on my belly, and hugging the cats when they walk by me.