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Albany Tulip Festival

Every Spring, the city of Albany (which is the capital of New York, a fact many don’t know) hosts a tulip festival. The week we touched down in the US happened to be when it was on this year, and we had an entire afternoon between checking out of our hotel (where we’d stayed after a long journey from Germany and a very very late arrival) and checking in to our accommodation in Coxsackie (where my best friend would later be getting married, so we headed over with my parents (who love this kind of thing).

The weather was perfect, the flowers were in bloom, and Washington Park is a huge and beautiful park in the city. The kid fell asleep in the car, so we transferred him to the stroller, where he continued sleeping for the next hour or two. That gave us a little more freedom to enjoy the flowers, and I loved snapping some photos almost as much as I loved watched all the pro photographers working hard to get the perfect shot.

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