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Tag: David Bazan

Highs and Lows.

What can I say, other than the past week has been filled with its fair share of highs and lows…

The good?

+Hanging out with Lou Barlow and Murph of Dinosaur Jr., earlier today, during an interview. In a couple hours we will see them live.

+We signed a contract with our wedding photographer, the lovely Ashley Ludaescher.

+I met David Bazan for not the first time, and got to hang out and interview him backstage at Privatclub. Considering I have been listening to Pedro the Lion since 1997, finally getting to sit down one-on-one was a big deal for me. Below is the two of us, post-interview.

david bazan

The not-so-good?

-Being sick. Again. It wasn’t terrible, and I didn’t have a full-blown fever like M., but having a head cold with a sore throat and lingering cough still was not at all fun. Thank goodness for hot toddies, warm baths, and heating blankets.

-Finishing “House of Cards.” This show is amazing, so why is it a negative? Well, during our week of sickness, we binge-consumed the entire season, and now we are left waiting for the next one to be announced.

-Redefining the boundaries of a friendship with someone who has been important in my life the past decade, but who, suffice to say, I am no longer close with. Admitting to those kinds of things are difficult, but I think they are necessary for personal growth. And as sad as I am overall about it, I am lucky to have a collective few people in my life who value me as much as I do them.

Now, in spite of being in the emotional dumps right now about the final point, I am feeling almost 100% physically better, which is good, because the next three weeks before we travel to America are busy ones.

And of course, Friday is my birthday, so I am trying to be in good spirits going into the weekend, although red wine is definitely helping.