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Date with IKEA*

Considering I am in Sweden, and considering that IKEA is pretty much the most modern widespread Swedish pop culture reference, and considering that there is an IKEA located in Kållered (and just about the only thing mentioned on its Wikipedia page in English), we decided earlier this week to do the most quintessentially Swedish thing possible and actually go to this exact IKEA.

There was, of course, a purpose other than to just go there. Tilde’s bedside lamp is broken, and the mission was to obtain a new one. In addition, one of Filip’s birthday gifts (he turns six in a couple weeks) was purchased, along with a new book for Melker, and some boring household type things, like lightbulbs or what have you. Of course, as with any outing with this family, it was a bit of an all-day event.

Since there are six of us and a car that seats five, Linda took the stroller with Melker to the store and set out ahead of the rest of us, who later followed in the car. In the interest of keeping the children happy, the first stop was the cafe, where Filip had Swedish meatballs and mashed potatoes (I ate his potatoes since he doesn’t like them and they’re my favourite food) and Tilde had pasta. IKEA luckily has veg options as well, so I had a pasta with a tomato and vegetable sauce. 

After dessert and cleaning up, we set out through the store, which basically consisted of all of us walking through casually while Tilde ran every which way, hiding behind doors and drapes, testing out every other couch or bed or chair, and climbing over every coffee table low enough for her to get onto. It was, just like my father suggested, just like the paths that Billy of Family Circus makes (a reference I’m reluctant to make because that comic strip is not funny but in this case, it’s useful for illustrative purposes).

And once we were done shopping (and Magnus proudly used the self-checkout), we all helped ourselves to more snacks: hot dogs for the kids, ice cream for me and a pastry for Magnus. Then we switched out kids, with Tilde in the stroller for Magnus’ walk home, while Linda, Melker, Filip and I headed to the car and made our way back.

*Like the Pavement song

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