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Great Christmas Exchange

It’s been years since I’ve participated in any kind of elaborate gift exchange or Secret Santa type deal. When I was younger, I did this more often with friends, but aside from the occasional White Elephant gift exchange in my adult years, giving and receiving gifts has been limited to something I did with family, and in more recent years, only between M. and myself.

So when the 2014 Great Christmas Exchange was announced over at Oak + Oats, I decided to go for it. And it was definitely a lot of fun to check out my match, Megan, via the Internet and try and discover her personality through her online presence. She isn’t a blogger, so I wasn’t able to pop over and read her entires to get an idea of her personality, but she did mention that she loves stationery, shopping, getting her nails done, pink things, jewelry, etc. Her wishlist also had some cat-themed items, so I got a couple of those (the scarf and iPhone case) and then stuck mostly to a cat/pink theme.

great christmas exchange

In addition to the scarf and case, I got her cat nails, pink washi tape, cat-shaped lipgloss, cat socks, and some German candy. I also included a copy of my book. Self-indulgent? Maybe. But I hope she’ll like it.

In return, I received a package from Annabel, which arrived at the perfect time, on Dec. 24 (which is when Germany celebrates Christmas). She included a notebook, pen, ornaments, nail polish, a cookie cutter, a peg set, and a vegan chocolate bar. She even wrapped some of these items very lovingly in tissue paper, which made it even more fun to open! Annabel seems to be a big fan of Kikki K, so it was a great introduction of the brand to me, and all the cute stationery and home items they have.

great christmas exchange

It was fun to send something special and receive something thoughtful in return, and I’m looking forward to reading about everyone else’s experiences!