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Appetite For Reduction: Quinoa, White Bean, & Kale Stew

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Although this past winter was a bit extended (six months), one advantage of all the rain and snow was the excuse to make a variety of soups. For some reason, I didn’t like soup as a child (it was a texture thing), but now I love soup because of how easy it is to make, how delicious it can be, and how wonderful it is for you. There is also something about soup that is good for the soul.

I decided to make the Quinoa, White Bean, & Kale Stew (page 245) because it just so happened to be a combination of some of my favorite things. Of course, finding those things proved to be a bit more difficult, and after little luck at the Turkish Market and green grocer, I ended up getting kale and parsnip at The Bio Company. As for the beans, they are also inexpensive and sold in bulk at the Turkish supermarket, so that was easy.

Admittedly, however, this soup was not a huge hit. It tasted OK, but it wasn’t overly amazing one way or another (which is maybe my own fault for building it up in my head). Either way, I think I might try this once every year or so, but it isn’t an instant favorite.

Made: February 9, 2013

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