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Vegan Pie in the Sky: Key Lime Pie

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Key Lime Pie

After plenty of complaining about the lack of proper pie pans available in Berlin, I finally went out and bought a pan for tarts. While it’s not exactly what I want, it works far better than the standard of springform pans that are all over in Germany. And so to celebrate, I decided to make one of my favorite kinds of pie: Key Lime Pie (page 100).

The graham cracker crust was the first problem, since the concept of a graham cracker is totally foreign to Germans. I read a couple forums online that suggested crumbling up Leibnitz cookies (not vegan) or Spekulatius cookies (not in season), so eventually I sought out vegan graham cracker recipes online and tried a few of those out. There was some trial and error and it turned out OK, although next time around, I will be making some tweaks in hopes of perfecting the crust.

The rest of this pie came together relatively perfectly. The taste was super (although I would have loved even more lime) and it was a great balance, with M. finding it not too sweet (often a problem with things I bake). Overall, a hit, which means that the whole thing was gone in a matter of days.

Made: May 23, 2013

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