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Recipe: Egg Salad

Just last week, the fellow asked me if I am a fan of egg salad, to which I immediately responded by rehashing my memories of the egg-less egg salad they sell in select Whole Foods delis, which made me daydream a minute about their sandwiches. But then, I was back in reality as he told me someone he knows had written a blog entry with a recipe for vegan egg salad. So thanks to Biggy’s Blog, which reprinted this recipe from “Vegan kochen für alle,” here is a relatively delicious and easy-to-make version for you.

Of course, the original appeared in German, so it has to be translated, but that wasn’t too hard. But there were a few differences in the recipe that I opted for. One was that I already had egg-free mayonaise so I didn’t make my own. The second was that it called for 80 grams but I definitely used less–my suggestion is to add more or less depending on your own preferred consistency.

Also, the recipe calls for 1 “messerspitze” of turmeric, which basically means an unspecific small amount. Since it isn’t super strong in flavour (to me anyway), I figure it’s more for colour than anything else. I used a couple teaspoons of it, but feel free to use your own judgement.

Finally, feel free to add any additions that might add to the taste–we opted for onions, but things like pickle relish or olives might also be good.



-Cook 50 grams your choice of spiral noodles, following directions on the package.

-While the noodles cook, mix together 150 grams chickpeas and the desired amount of turmeric using a hand mixer or food processor.


-Crush the cooked noodles with a hand mixer and add to the chickpea mixture, and combine more.


-Add in 3-5 tablespoons egg-free mayonaise.

-Cut up chives and add in salt and pepper until you’ve attained your desired taste.


-Enjoy on sandwiches, with crackers, or even on its own.

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