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Appetite For Reduction: Apple-Miso Tofu & Orange-Scented Broccoli

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Earlier this month, while planning our weekend dinners, we decided we should make the Apple-Miso Tofu (page 151) and the recommended Orange-Scented Broccoli (page 100). Admittedly, M. was skeptical about the broccoli, namely because he is not much of a fan of orange flavoring. But I was insistant, and pointed to the fact that all the other recommended pairings were generally good, so it turned out that was what we had.

Of course, I should have read more than the ingredients beforehand, because it came time to make dinner and I didn’t realize the tofu should marinate for at least an hour. This delayed our plans slightly, but now I know better.

Overall, this recipe was good, although it calls for 1 teaspoon of sesame oil but the recipe instructions don’t say what to do with it. The taste, however, is wonderful. Same can be said for the broccoli, which had a slightly sweet but not overpowering tinge of orange. The combination was also great, although M. still isn’t convinced, but I liked this recipe for its deliciousness and overall ease of making.

Made: January 13, 2013

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