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Appetite For Reduction: Spicy Blue Potato & Corn Salad

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During a recent heatwave, I went on a bit of a salad kick, making a couple every few days. One of the recipes I tried out was the Spicy Blue Potato & Corn Salad (page 18), namely because most of the required ingredients are regulars in this household. The recipe also calls for chipotles, so I was of course a bit hesitant, assuming M. would not be so fond of it. Turns out I was wrong, as he loved this recipe and requested it again less than a week later.

Although it calls for fresh corn, it’s easier (and cheaper) here in Berlin to just buy it in the can – even in the middle of the summer. We couldn’t find blue potatoes (or the suggested substitute of red ones), but the ones we did have worked just fine. I also kept out the cilantro but we did used the mixed greens, which adds more texture and color to the mix. Finally, I used regular vegetable oil since I don’t have grapeseed oil, and I doubt there is much of a difference there. Pro tip: this salad is good both warm and cooled.

Made: July 7, 2013

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