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Warsaw: Relaks


On the morning of my 30th birthday, it seemed criminal to begin it any other way than with a coffee, so M. and I took the tram down to Relaks to investigate if the rumorthat its coffee is some of the best in Warsawis true.

Finding the spot was a bit of a challenge (it’s on a square, with the entrance on a side street) but we figured it out. Inside, there was good music playing and a nice open floor plan, with mismatched furniture throughout. On the walls are framed poster of movies, which gives the shop a vintage kind of feel.

We went to the counter and ordered, and I got a coffee (black) and a vegan cookie. I was hoping for more of a selection in the vegan baked goods department, but it was only cookies or sandwiches. However, they had a delicious-looking almond croissant, which M. selected.

After choosing a spot on a sofa in the back, so we could take in the room, we hung out for a bit, listening to the music, using the free WiFi, and enjoying our morning treats. The coffee was quite good, and wasn’t distinctly bitter, which a lot of black coffee tends to be (that, or watered down). Overall it was enjoyable, and I’d definitely recommend the shop to any coffee aficionado in Warsaw. Also, click here to discover more about its background.





ul. Puławska 48
02-559 Warszawa

Monday-Friday: 8am-9pm
Saturday: 9am-7pm
Sunday: 9am-6pm

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