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Recipe: Red Lentil and Rice Burger

In our continuing quest for easy and delicious vegan burgers, last week we tried out another recipe, which has probably been the easiest one to date: red lentil and rice burgers. After a quick search, I found the recipe on Salt and Paprika and it seemed like a relatively simple and easily modified recipe.

And it was! This recipe was super simple to make, and even though we made some modifications, all were easy. First, I doubled the recipe because we figured that we would eat everything as leftovers (which we did, for about a week, as the mixture stores well in the fridge and is easily fried up). We also used spring onions instead of chives due to a translation miscommunication when I sent M. shopping, but they were still tasty. Finally, the mixture in the initial recipe was somewhat bland so we added spices to make a flavour we liked, which is up to the discretion of each individual. But we both agreed that the patties on their own were lacking in any kind of kick.


-Place 2 cups dry red lentils in a bowl and cover with 2 cups boiling water. Cover and set aside.

-Prepare 1 cup dry rice as directed.

-Drain the lentils, them combine them in a food processor with the rice, 1 bunch of spring onions (or chives), sweet mustard, regular mustard, chili flakes, and salt and pepper to taste. Mix until the consistency is sticky.

cooking & baking

-Shape patties as desired. Fry them in an oiled pan on medium high heat, flipping to ensure both sides are golden and crispy.

cooking & baking


cooking & baking

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