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Living the dream.

Today was the only day this week when I had no work or obligations, and rather than spend it doing some extra freelance work, instead I made the decision to make the day all about whatever I felt like doing. To be honest, the warm sun streaming in through the windows was a big part of that decision-making process. If the cats could spend the day soaking up the sun, so would I!


After spending the morning baking peanut butter cookies and cleaning the kitchen, I headed out on bike to run a few errands, like the obligatory stop off at the bank and a subsequent trip to pay my monthly cell phone bill. Then I was off to Treptower Park to meet up with my friend S.

We opted to cross the bridge over the Spree River and walk along the peninsula in Alt-Stralau, which turned out to be an excellent idea, given the weather. There were plenty of other people out running, biking and fishing, and so we walked and talked and watched people and took in the scenery.

Contrary to what its name might suggest, the area where we walked has gone under some renovation and construction in recent years, with a whole slew of modern buildings adjacent to the waterfront. In fact, one of the only older looking buildings is the Dorfkirche, or village church, which is just next to the water and connected to a beautiful little cemetery.


When we reached the end, where the Spree River meets Rummelsburger See, rather than retracing our path, we decided to make the full loop, walking back up the not-so-pretty side of the peninsula. However, the views across the lake were nice, and we stopped for awhile at a covered bench to look out across the water.


After completing our journey, we headed back to Treptow, stopping at the currently-closed ring station to get a couple beers, before camping out on a grassy stretch of land in the park. There we sat for a couple hours, while people sat around on their blankets, one guy pulled out his pillow for a nap, and the occasional dog came by.

Eventually we had to part ways. The weather was becoming a bit cooler, and it was a Saturday afternoon, which means that all the shopping needs to be done because Berlin stores are closed on Sundays. So we parted ways, heading off to our respective neighborhood stores.


I spent most of the rest of the day inside, but the whole bike ride back (I did about 9 km today), all I could think about was how happy I was to be outside in the beautiful weather. And even though this is my reality, sometimes – especially in times like this afternoon, when I can see the TV Tower in front of me as I’m riding home – I feel like I have to pinch myself. I really am living the dream.

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