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Things I (Don’t) Miss: Part I.

I am relatively lucky that I have experienced literally no bouts of real actual homesickness since arriving in Germany. There is a matter of missing people, which I’ve been thinking about recently, but am not quite ready to commit those semi-formulated thoughts to the page. 

Instead, something a little more lighthearted, even in its lack – things I miss, and things I don’t miss. As the title suggests, this is only the first installation of this… more to come as I think of more things I (don’t) miss.

Things I Miss:

burritos, not being poor, my road bike, the California coast, the ability to access nearly every video on YouTube, my mother’s cooking, hugs on a daily basis, driving without aim, camping with my girls, weekend brunch, sunday morning mimosas/bloody marys, being understood, having a PC to run soulseek on, my bathtub, Whole Foods/Trader Joe’s/Community Market, having a dryer and a dishwasher in the house, California weed.

Things I Don’t Miss:

my car and the included expenses of having it, expensive beer, having to add sales tax onto everything’s listed price, reminders of the past.

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