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A Day Trip to Fürstenberg

Two summers ago, B. and I took a day trip up to Fürstenberg/Havel to visit a friend, and another visit has been overdue for a while, so earlier this month, we decided to head up there again for a day. From where we live, it’s a ride on the Ring up to Gesundbrunnen, where we caught a regional train that departs every hour. The train was packed, so we started off the trip without a seat, but after we hit Oranienburg, a lot of people got off and we were able to find spots. We passed the hour-long trip reading some Pixi books and playing with toy cars.

Upon arrival, our friend met us at the train station and we walked to his house, where he and his wife had prepared a delicious meal (bowls with rice, veggies, tofu, nori). We ate, drank coffee, and hung out a bit until their daughter woke up, and then we headed out to explore the town.

Fürstenberg is not a very big place, but there are lots of cute little buildings. We stopped first at an ice cream place, and then we headed with our ice cream to the park and playground by the lake. After B. was bored of that, we continued on into the forest, which was very beautiful and where we saw wild boar tracks and lots and lots of sticks. We followed the trail along the water and just enjoyed being in the woods. I love big city life, but I miss nature like this being so close.

Before we knew it, it was time to head back to the house to grab our things and make our way to the train station for the ride home. That train was just as packed as the one up, but we eventually found seats and read some more books and ate some snacks we’d packed until we arrived back in Berlin. The timing was perfect, as we got home around 630, which gave us enough time for B. to eat dinner, get ready for bed, and be in bed by his usual bedtime of 730.

I’d definitely love to explore more of these small towns in Brandenburg, and I imagine we’ll be back in Fürstenberg again sometime too.


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