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Appetite For Reduction: Quinoa Puttanesca

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I have never been much of a pasta fan, at least in my adult years. Certainly I do enjoy it on occasion, but I never really am one to be struck with a craving for it. But since I do love quinoa, I was all the more intrigued about the¬†Quinoa Puttanesca (page 75), which seemed to a be a spin on pasta that I could get behind. The only real modification I made was the exclusion of kalamata olives, as we had none as the time, but that didn’t make too much of a difference, I don’t think (though I can imagine they would have complimented the other flavors well). Either way, the meal was fine. Not something that got me excited, but simply a “good-enough dish.” I can see myself making this maybe once a year, and perhaps adding in some more ingredients, but otherwise, it didn’t particularly stand out for me.

Made: July 23, 2013

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