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Anniversary at Cookies Cream.

Around Christmastime, I was on the phone with my parents discussing our upcoming plans for the holiday, when my mother asked me if I had heard of a restaurant called Cookies Cream.

Why yes, I replied, yes I had. In fact, I had taken M. there to celebrate his birthday toward the end of the summer and we both loved it, but hadn’t yet been back. At around €40-50 a head for a three-course meal and drinks, it isn’t exactly someplace we want to spend our money at regularly.

Good news for us then, because my parents’ Christmas present to us was depositing some money in the bank for us to treat ourselves to dinner there. And since our anniversary was coming up just at the start of the new year, we figured that would be the perfect occasion to celebrate.

cookies cream anniversary

When we come here, our plan of attack is that we each order separate dishes so that we can try two appetizers, two entrees, and two desserts.

First course:

cookies cream anniversary

Stewed black carrot – Creme of dates, mustard kaki, roasted couscous

cookies cream anniversary

Pumpkincreamsoup with lemongrassCurry mumbai, chutney, brittle, black trumpet mushrooms

Cookies Cream is Berlin’s answer to Millenium in San Francisco, except that it’s vegetarian instead of vegan. Even so, many dishes can be made vegan by removing one of the ingredients. This is awesome for the vegan crowd, but I have to admit that there is something about the way the flavors all work together, such that when one ingredient is taken out, the combination loses something.

Second course:

cookies cream anniversary

Pearl barley strudel with “Piet de Mouton” – Parsley root, sour cream, jus

cookies cream anniversary

Swede canneloni with brussels sprout leaves – Baked praline, green pepper cream jus, peanut

And of course, dessert tends to be my favorite course, particularly when accompanied with a cup of steaming black coffee.

Third course:

cookies cream anniversary

Cheesecake with red peachWhite chocolate icecreme, tamarillo and chip

cookies cream anniversary

Cookies CreamPistachio-mascarpone-icecream, olives, crunchy red currant