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Tag: Pumpkin Burgers

Recipe Roundup #9

cooking & baking
Paprika Parsnip Fries from A House in the Hills
This recipe was a healthier take on fries that I definitely wanted to try. And it turned out pretty OK. I actually really enjoyed the taste of the fries and of the sauce, but overall, it was a lot of work. Plus M. wouldn’t eat them, which means I will probably end up sticking to sweet potato fries.

cooking & baking
Pumpkin Burgers from Peas & Crayons
Every time I find a new vegan burger recipe, I am overcome with optimism that perhaps this time around it will be the perfect combination of good flavor and consistency. This recipe was one such example, but unfortunately, it also failed. The taste was fine, but the patties all fell apart, which was disappointing. As you can see above, they didn’t come out looking nearly as lovely as the ones in the recipe. Sigh.

cooking & baking
Vegan Broccoli Quiche from
I had some leftover broccoli that needed to be used quickly before we went away to Warsaw for the weekend, which is where this recipe came from. It was easy to make and tasted good enough, though I think it lacked some distinctive spices or flavoring. In the future, I might add additional vegetables to this, as well as more spices. But it’s not a bad base recipe.