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The summer has been an unexpected flurry of activity, most of which included having a non-stop parade of visitors in July and August, along with an internship opportunity for me. Needless to say, it is mid-September and I am just now finally having a breather. Adjusting back to working from home is never easy, namely because it requires a lot of self-discipline, but with Fall just around the corner, I am slowly getting in the swing of things.

So what have I been up to lately? I figure answers in the form of photos should suffice.

cooking & baking

I love pairing my morning coffee with things like a slice of cake, fresh-baked bread, or in this case, vanilla soy yogurt mixed with granola. The perfect companion to lazy late mornings spent perusing the news and catching up with the online world.

deutsch, bitte!

M. celebrated his birthday three weeks ago and received a lot of flowers from family and friends. They lasted awhile, and I enjoyed having them around the house. Flowers always make everything a little bit lovelier.

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With the warmer days coming to an end, I have been taking advantage of sunny afternoons to meet up with friends for a drink or two outside.

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M.’s paternal grandmother turned 89 this month, and we all caravanned to Steglitz to spend a Sunday afternoon of coffee and cake with her and her children (all the aunts and uncles from Berlin). This is his grandmother, his mother, and his brother.

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I still love strolling along the riverbank, which is three blocks from our home.

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Working from home means spending more time with these cuddlebugs, who love their new basket, courtesy of our Iowa visitors, Sean and Mandie.

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