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Tag: 2018

Father’s Day Doughnuts

Sunday was Father’s Day. We’re not too big on holidays that celebrate people you should celebrate every day, but it’s still nice to have an excuse to do something fun. The weather was sunny and warm, and we needed to get out of the house, so we took a walk to Neukölln to get some vegan doughnuts.

B. rode his Laufrad part of the way (and walked part of it, and was carried part of it, and was pushed in his stroller part of it). Having kids means a more fast-paced life in general but also some things just take forever… it truly is the longest shortest time.

Along the way we saw diggers, and sticks, and swans. All very exciting things when you’re almost three. And then there were the doughnuts. We’ve been fans of Brammibal’s since the very beginning, but it had been quite a while since we were there last (more than a year?) and in that time, the recipe seems to have only gotten better because these doughnuts were amazing. We got four (lemon curd bergamot, vanilla blueberry, chocolate peanut fudge, salted caramel hazelnut) and had really noble intentions of trying them out and taking leftovers home. But there weren’t any leftovers, and we even had a grilled cheese after the fact. Oh well, at least lunch was taken care of…

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