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Leaving Schland.

Sunday night was my last in Berlin, and spent in the company of my CouchSurfing host, Matthias, and three of his friends. He went to Hanniball earlier in the afternoon for his weekly game of Snooker and told me to meet him in the evening, anytime after 8 p.m. So after a snack and some Swedish Glögg with Oliver, I took the S-bahn to Feuerbachstraße, where I caught a bus that took me some 20 minutes away to where Matthias and friends already were. For the next three or so hours, we played pool, which was quite fun, even though it was no contest because Matthias is quite good at the game. Still, it was time well-spent, and we ended up closing the place down. 

Once back at his flat, we chatted a bit and then I went to bed, sleeping for nine hours or so before waking in the morning to do some writing, and eventually head out. I left earlier than necessary; although my train was scheduled to depart at close to 1 p.m., I wanted some extra time in case the S-bahn was delayed or I wanted to stop somewhere. And of course, when I got to the Brandenburger Tor station to transfer between S1 and U55, I had to get off and go up and see it, since Pariser Platz is the place where this all began (my decision to move to Berlin).

After that stop, I eventually made my way to the HBF and caught my train back to NRW. Once I arrived, my evening was relatively uneventful; I had some coffee, met with Johannes, ate some dinner and drank a beer. I had to be awake at 5 a.m. the following morning for my flight back to Sweden, so I went to bed quite early, because I hate flying when I’m exhausted.

The next morning I quickly got dressed and packed up my belongings, before heading to catch my train to the airport. It was dark and cold and I was a bit sluggish, but I made it there in plenty of time. However, Germany was a bit reluctant to let me go, as our plane ended up being plagued technical problems. So after busing to the plane, boarding and sitting and waiting for 30 minutes, we all had to get back off, ride the bus back to the gate, sit and wait for almost an hour, board another bus, board another plane, and hang out a bit more. Finally, we ended up taking off two hours after our scheduled time. This made for a slight amount of confusion at the airport in Sweden, since my phone won’t let me make outgoing calls for some reason, thus making it difficult to connect with Magnus and Linda. But eventually Linda and Melker came in and got me, and all was good again.

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