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Warsaw: Kawki na Stawki

warsaw, poland

Coffee is a part of my daily ritual, and for the most part, my mornings begin with a cup of coffee from my French press. Simple, inexpensive, and effective. Don’t get me wrong: I love going out for coffee, and I love specialty coffee spots, but I also prefer to save money and only go out for coffee as a treat, usually for social reasons like meeting with a friend.

One exception to this is when I’m on vacation. If I’m staying in a vacation apartment, then making coffee is easy, but I still love to check out coffee places in a new city and see what they have to offer. So on our last morning in Warsaw, we walked the 1.5 blocks from our hotel to Kawki na Stawki, a relatively young coffeeshop.

The interior is just a small room, but there are a few spots to sit and hang out, along with the option of outdoor seating when the weather is warmer. I ordered my usual Americano and then checked out the offerings, which include standard coffee drinks and a variety of brewing methods such as Chemex and Aeropress. They also have a La Marzocco Strada, which apparently is an awesome coffee maker? I’m no expert, but the coffee was good, though a bit bitter. There were a lot of baked goods—things like quiche and pastries—and Club Mate in three varieties! Apparently, they also have a breakfast spread, though I don’t know if that’s every day or just on the weekends. Either way, it’s worth stopping by for the coffee alone. They obviously know what’s up.

warsaw, poland

warsaw, poland

warsaw, poland

Kawki na Stawki

ul. Stawki 2A
00-193 Warszawa

Monday-Friday: 7:30am-9pm
Saturday: 9am-9pm
Sunday: 9am-8pm

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