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Farewell, Summer

This was a summer that felt like it would last forever. Even though it always starts to get cool in Berlin around the second weekend of September, I think the fact that it was a lot hotter a lot more often this summer had something to do with the feeling of summer sort of dragging on. Either way, I’m super happy we’ve got what I refer to as “San Francisco weather” again, i.e. cool, brisk days with an occasional smattering of sunshine.

But in spite of my complaints about the weather, it really was an awesome summer. So many people go on vacation during this time, but we love to stay put because the city holds so much possibility during the warmer months. B. turned three in June, and there’s something magical about that age. All of a sudden my little toddler turned into a kid, and he’s capable of doing and saying and thinking so many brand new and strange and hilarious things. We had so many afternoons with his best friend, first eating ice cream after KiTa pickup (every day, ice cream) and then going to the park to go on the slide and make Igel in the sand and play in the water and draw with chalk and ride Laufräder and stay there until it was nearly bedtime or even past it.

As a family we also enjoyed spending time putting the finishing touches on our new home, eating breakfasts on the balcony, exploring our new neighborhood, going to Tierpark, checking out various playgrounds, traveling further afield to visit lakes and gardens, catching up with friends who visited from out of the country, and generally enjoying a slow pace of life. M. and I celebrated five years of being married, and we enjoyed a week-long, kid-free (well, during the daytime at least) staycation. Plus pizza. We ate a lot of pizza. I’m looking forward to seeing what the autumn has in store for us… hopefully more of the same.

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