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Weekend Update #35


In contrast to the week that preceded it, this past weekend was slow, relaxed, and low-key for us. Having gotten a huge amount of paperwork (read: stress) out of the way by taking care of Björn’s passport applications and our parental leave applications, we welcomed the opportunity to meet up with Ian and Ebe and their little lady, Matilda, at the zoo. The weather was pleasant on Friday, so we were really able to enjoy wandering around, catching up, and looking at the animals. It also marked the first day of Björn’s first real fussy streak, though we weren’t so sure why then.

Saturday was M.’s birthday, and while he didn’t really want to “do” anything, I still hoped it would be a day where he could relax. Unfortunately, we both ended up waking early due to the baby and the cats, and the morning was spent cleaning… hardly relaxing. But later on there was some down time, and in the evening we went out for pizza, though not before saying goodbye to a friend from back home who has been in Germany the past six years and is returning to California.

As for Sunday, I only left the house once, when we went to get bread to go with our soup. M. made a delicious tomato soup for dinner while I was busy soothing Björn who, as it turns out, has started teething already. After we had dinner, I was able to make a cake (vegan tres leches) for M. to take to work, and I also got some work of my own done. The only regret I have is that I haven’t set aside enough time for reading, which I really need to get on.