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Random thoughts.

I slowly have realized that I’m not so good at this day-to-day updating anymore, and it’s something I attribute to the fact that I’m not on vacation. But lately, I’ve been a bit of an invalid, thanks to my stupid right foot, which is some combination of broken or sprained. I really don’t know what it is – I’ve been doing the whole RICE routine, coupled with taking Vicodin (my supply of which is now gone) and as a result, my existence this week is relatively boring. And with the exception of last night, I haven’t been leaving the house much this week, except to walk to the store and back. Again, boring. But at least I have time to write more, although that’s a catch-22, because of the aforementioned boring part of it.

I’ve been living in Berlin for six weeks now, and not much to show for it except a lot of drunken nights (and a lot of drunken days, for that matter). But today I experienced my first-ever hangover since arriving, which is actually kind of surprising. I’m proud nonetheless; given that I have only had a minor headache all day, it’s not even that bad. Take that, Kater. But it did make me realize how much I miss Taco Bell – which, for the record, is only acceptable to eat when you are drunk or hungover. Or a poor college student. I know, because I’ve been all of these things before. (Also, did you know you can get gift cards to TB? You can thank me for this informational tidbit later. I know this only because a student in the WC last year was talking about how her mom was like OMG the best mom ever because she got her a TB gift card. Um, no thanks.)

Last night (my one real venture out this week) I was asked by my companion of the evening if I am a cynical person, which was an interesting question, because until recently, I’ve always considered myself to be borderline cynical. But as I slowly answered him, I realized I have nothing to be cynical about. Sure, the wasps in Berlin are annoying, and yeah, my foot is a pain (literally), and our toaster broke a few days ago, and there is some uncertainty about my future looming somewhere out there, but my life is pretty amazing right now. There is nothing I can possibly be cynical about. Later, as we were sitting on the Ufer, drinking our beer and watching the geese huddling together in the water as the occasional boat passed, there was a lightning storm off in the distance, and eventually it made its way toward us. Before I knew it, the warm tropical heat of the day had¬†dissipated, and we were being rained on, hard. As we sought shelter by a nearby building (but not fast enough to avoid being soaked) all I could think about was how much I truly love my life.