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Honeymoon in Portugal

It has been a quiet week here on the Internet, which, in this case, is the indication of a busy week in real life. More specifically, the beginning of the week was spent wrapping up any and all obligations in Berlin. And then on Thursday night, we flew out for three glorious weeks of vacation in Portugal.

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But it’s not just any vacation; this is our official honeymoon. Yeah, it’s definitely a good eight months after the wedding, but last year’s vacation time was used up or spoken for when we got married, so we decided to wait and have a proper honeymoon.

Now, at 48 hours in, I can say that this is truly a relaxing vacation. Lots of walking around thus far (21.67 miles, or 34.87 kilometers), but also no set agenda, which means there is very little stress and a lot of freedom to really get a feel for the city and see it in depth. We are charmed by the beautiful and colorful buildings, the pronounced character of the city, and the friendliness of the Portuguese people (especially considering many of them speak little-to-no English, and our Portuguese consists only of “obrigado,” and they are still smiling and kind).

Our one area of disappointment has been the food; we had a pretty good meal tonight, but otherwise the restaurants have had mediocre veg choices. Luckily, there are plenty of grocery stores to remedy that. And there’s also amazing weather, so it’s hard to complain when the sun is shining.