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Weekend Update #32


It comes as no surprise, but this weekend was relatively baby-centric. B. had his first vaccination on Friday, though it was no big deal, as it was an oral vaccine, so no pain involved. He was ultra fussy that day, but whether that was due to the vaccine, or the weather (99 F / 37 C), or the fact that he’s in another growth spurt / developmental growth phase, or a combination of all three, who knows. Any way you slice it, he needed extra cuddles and attention, which is sometimes difficult when you are trying to accomplish something else, but when you smell that baby smell, it’s not so hard to stop what you’re doing and breath it in…

The rest of the weekend sort of blurs together for me, thanks to the hot weather. We did some shopping, we ate some food, we slept a lot, we read (I started a new book, “The Chimes”), we watched stuff (I am currently digging “Veep”), and before we knew it, the work week started again. Unfortunately, it’s supposed to be very warm for the next week at least, which I am none too pleased about, particularly since my allergies (which are normally May/June) are in full force; it seems the warmer the weather, the worse they are. But hopefully after that the weather will settle into the 70s for a few weeks. A girl can dream.