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Weekend Update #40


So I’m only a week late on this one. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Not that I need to excuse myself (it is my blog after all) but sickness has hit our household, plus my brother has been in town. Actually, he flew in on Saturday, which was also a public holiday (Happy Birthday, Germany!). We all slept bad the night before, so after settling into our place, everyone took a nap. Then once we were rested, we drove across town to Preußenpark/Thai Park for a lazy afternoon of eating Thai food and hanging out in the gorgeous weather. M. had just started to come down with a cold, so when we got back, he stayed home to relax while my brother and I took B. out for a long walk along the Spree and through our Kiez. Afterward, we returned home to a traditional dinner of potatoes and quark/soy yogurt and chives.

Sunday was a lazy, sleeping in kind of day. But it was also Shopping Sunday, and we needed a few things, so we walked to Neukölln to do our errand running. My brother got his chapstick and a hat and a scarf, and M. got sweaters, and then we swung by Azzam for some delicious food to take with us. Then we went over to M.’s mother’s place for coffee and cake (I made a lemon tart that was kind of a fail but everyone ate it anyway). After a few hours of that, we went back home and had soup for dinner, after which my brother and I went down to Hopfenreich for some much needed hanging out and bonding over beer. And of course, since my brother is here on vacation, it set the tone for the rest of the week…