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Tag: Artichoke Gratinata

Recipe Roundup #11

cooking & baking
Artichoke Gratinata from Oh My Veggies
I love artichoke hearts, and was looking for a recipe to pair with a quiche that incorporated them, when this popped up in my browser. I happened to have a bit of leftover vegan cheese, so it was decided. All I needed was Marsala wine (which is like an Italian version of Port), but that was easy enough to procure (and also tastes great served over ice cream). The result? This is a pretty solid recipe. It’s not a favorite, but it’s good, relatively simple to make, and filling.

cooking & baking
Chickpea Avocado Mash with Lemon from The Garden Grazer
Though not the most original or life-changing recipe, this one was a good way to pack in a punch of protein and healthy fat. I like that it was easy to make and store, giving me quick access to a nutritious snack when I didn’t feel like putting much effort into food prep. I’ve made a few different variations of this before, and the customization factor is also a nice bonus.


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