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“March is a gonna be a fucker…”

It seems like the worst of the winter is over. Already March is full of lots of rain, but there’s also warmer weather, which is one of the advantages of cloud cover. It makes it actually enjoyable to walk around outside, instead of absolutely unbearably miserable. Meanwhile, the highs have been between 7 and 10 degrees Celsius most days, which is a huge improvement over -18 of mid-February.

However, I’m still cold at night, because the boyfriend (M.) is in Thailand for 33 days. This explains the title of the post, which is something I said in February, when we were talking about the impending separation. Exhibit A: empty bed.

I’m thankful for things like Skype, because we’re able to talk just about every day (except for the three-day stretches like now where he’s on some jungle safari) and that’s making this totally bearable. If were weren’t able to routinely touch base, I would likely be miserable. Still, it’s not totally easy being this far apart for this long.

To add insult to injury, last night on the bus, I pulled out my Kindle to read further in the Millenium Series book #2 (although seriously, worst translation ever), and was met with this. Exhibit B: broken Kindle.

I did some research and apparently the screen like this means that there was a circuitry failure, which is entirely due to the manufacturing. Normally, I could get a new Kindle replacement sent to me for free, but the one-year warranty is already expired. I’m still going to attempt to see what I can do about it, but troubleshooting didn’t work, so I might end up having to buy another one, because I have hundreds of books on here that i want to read (and a few I’m in the middle of already).

To compensate for the not-so-super-great things in my life, I’ve taken it upon myself to not feel sorry for myself, and instead feel awesome.

First things first: I haven’t been completely diligent with my yoga, which is one of the only resolutions I am falling behind on. I started off strong in weeks one and two, but then it tapered off. This is probably because I don’t have a class to go to and I haven’t really found a video version that I like.

Anyway, I decided last week that just as the month of January was all about raw eating, the month of March is going to be about exercise. More specifically, today I began Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred

Now, I’m not hoping to emerge in 30 days with a totally bangin’ bod like her, but I did want to be more active, and especially since I know how relationships can make people content while they pack on the pounds, I wanted to nip that in the bud. Also, with M. gone, I’ve been eating far too much comfort food (bread and chocolate), so I have to combat that somehow, right? Exhibit C: my workout space.


It has only been one day so we’ll see how I feel in the morning when I wake up, and again after I do a morning workout (since I’ll have no time in the evening). So far though, I can report that it’s intense, but not unmanageable. Michaels is encouraging, adding in bits about not giving up just when I feel like doing it most, and the circuits of strength, cardio and abs training are timed just perfectly. I’m hoping this will give me more strength in my arms, which are probably one of the weakest spots on me. 

More than anything, I noticed that as I was walking around after working out, I felt a little wobbly, even a few hours later. But at the same time, there was this sense of renewal, where I felt like a ton of energy had come out of nowhere. That made me remember exactly why I love working out: pushing myself to new limits, excellent payoff and the way it makes me feel.