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Recipe: Creamy & Spicy Black Beans

For the longest time, I only liked to eat refried beans in my burritos. But one of the consequences of my becoming vegan is that my palate expanded as I tried out more kinds of foods. And now I dig black beans equally.

That said, here is one of my favourite ways to eat black beans. It reminds me of the many times I have had this exact meal in the kitchen at my best friend’s house. This meal is also so simple, because there are between three and four ingredients: egg-free mayonaise, hot sauce, black beans, and optional tortillas.

cooking & baking


-Empty a can of black beans in a pot, and add a few tablespoons of vegan mayonaise. stirring occasionally over medium heat, until they are sufficiently warmed-up.

cooking & baking

-Heat up a tortilla in a pan or the microwave, then add the beans. Top generously with hot sauce (I prefer Tapatio).

cooking & baking

-Wrap it up burrito-style and you’ve got yourself a tasty snack!