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Flowers in January

More than two weeks ago, M. bought me yellow roses (my favorite), something he occasionally does and which I appreciate because it’s never for any reason than “just because.” I love having flowers around the house because they make everything feel a bit lighter, and these one are in full bloom and still look gorgeous after two weeks.


Anyway, so January has been an interesting month thus far, and though I am not working as much, I have still been incredibly busy. To date I have:

-Spent almost a week in Sweden.
-Celebrated our (dating, not wedding) anniversary at Cookies Cream (this is kind of a tradition now, I guess).
-Gone to Street Food Thursday once (pro tip: it’s pretty great if you go early).
-Eaten gluten free (well, since the 8th).
-Gotten new contacts and found a cool eye doctor!!
-Seen Geoff Farina (Karate, Secret Stars) in my friend’s dad’s living room.
-Picked up my eAT in what is hopefully the last visit to the Ausländerbehörde until 2016.
-Attended a birthday party where Jogginghose was the dress code.
-Interviewed Son Lux and Turbostaat.
-Read three books.
-Walked around quite a bit in my free time.
-Wrote an article about a new cafe in my Kiez.
-Navigated a trip to the Bürgeramt solo (with a really cool lady who collects turtles as my Beamtin).
-Started planning our trip to Warsaw for my birthday!!

All in all, not bad. I am working on my stressing out and anxiety issues and though I have moments where I freak out about work and the like, I have managed to be pretty OK.

Also, it started snowing, finally! I know everyone hates the winter here, and I do too… unless it’s snowing. Then it’s magical (at least until it gets back up to around zero degrees and the snow halfway melts and turns into a gross muddy slush).